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Watermelon-Lime TwistWatermelon, fresh lime and sea salt…a party in your mouth, to say the least.  You’ve got your sweet, your sour, and your savory.  It’s oh so perfect.

I learned this little trick from a mission companion who grew up in Tijuana, Mexico.  When she first told me about it I thought she was nuts!  Watermelon has always held a very special place in my heart (don’t laugh).  It is the perfect food.  Why would you tamper with perfection?  But now I see.  Now my eyes are opened.  This is the best example of synergy I can think of.  I love it when 1+1+1=10!

There’s really no recipe.  Just squeeze some fresh lime juice over some cold watermelon and lightly salt it.  I like Redmond’s Real Salt.  It’s a fine textured unrefined sea salt.

That’s it.  Eat up!