Blackbird Bakery GF CornbreadIt was only a couple weeks ago–after wasting my time (& money) making disgusting gluten-free cupcakes–that I vowed I would only make food that was naturally gluten-free.  I have not had good luck in this department.

A friend back in Salt Lake gave me a beautiful GF baking book that I’ve thumbed through many times, but never gotten up the courage to buy all the ingredients.  It just seemed so risky.  Lots of money, with a very low chance of the end result tasting authentic.  My husband, Scott, convinced me that it was too soon to give up on GF baking.  He got out the above mentioned book and we chose a couple recipes to try before throwing in the towel.  I am pleased to announce that it was a success!  I made buttermilk panacakes that tasted like…well, buttermilk panacakes.  And cornbread that tasted like cornbread.

The book is called Blackbird Bakery Gluten-Free by Karen Morgan and I’m telling you right now, this girl is good.  I’m will definitely try more of her recipes!  I look forward to it!