20-Minute Black Bean SoupI got this recipe from a blog a while back, and have made it SEVERAL times!

What do I love about it?  It’s FAST, great flavor, and I love the addition of fresh herbs and feta.  Such a nice change.

Her recipe serves 4, with no room for seconds…so I recommend doubling it.


1.  Make your own vegetable broth (basic or more complex)!  This is so easy, and so much better for you.  Make a big batch ahead of time and freeze it in one or two-cup portions.  You’ll be so proud of yourself!

2.  Use Eden Organic brand black beans (BPA-free)–or make your own and freeze them for equal convenience.

3.  Try to get your hands on some BPA-free canned tomatoes.  I just found out from TheSoftLanding.com that all of Trader Joe’s tomato products (including soups) that are packaged in cartons are made by Tetra Pak and are BPA-free.  Eden Organics has some glass-bottled tomato products now.  Bionaturae has glass-bottled strained tomatoes, and tomato paste.  Bionaturae also reports that their canned tomato products have been tested at .005 ppm, which is very low (tomato sauce typically has about 18.2 ppm).


I double-dog dare you to do at least one of the above recommendations.  The tomato products and vegetable broth would be my personal top priorities (beans come in last place).  You can do it.  I haven’t used a single can of broth or a bouillon cube in over a year and half, so I feel a little bit credible in saying that IT REALLY ISN’T HARD.  You’ll feel so much better, and will probably notice you’re tummy’s not bloated for a change (MSG will do that).

I’ve yet to make a homemade meat stock (I always just substitute vegetable broth), but I will do it one day.  Oh yes, I will.